Raymond Red Corn For Assistant ChiefRaymond Red Corn For Assistant Chief

Candidate: Raymond W. Red Corn

Current position: Speaker of the Osage Nation Congress

Age: 58

Experience: Four years in the formative stages of the Osage Nation Congress, four additional years in leadership positions in the Congress, including Second Speaker of the 2nd Congress and Speaker of the 3rd Congress.

Knowledge: Complete and thorough understanding of all rules and procedures of the Congress, legislative processes, and constitutional limitations on the power of the Executive and Legislative branches. Familiar with Congressional leadership structure, and the powers and limitations of that structure. Working knowledge of the annual budget process, and familiar with concepts of aggregated budgeting and programs and benefits offered by the Nation. Fully familiar with the current budgetary challenges and constraints, and intimately familiar with the long-range plans of our gaming industry.

Dedication: During the 1st Congress (four years), Raymond Red Corn had a session attendance record of 99.35%, missing only 2 of 307 sessions. In the 2nd and 3rd Congresses, he has a 100% attendance record.

Accomplishments: Sponsored several key pieces of legislation over an eight-year period, including the Open Records Act, the Whistleblower Act, the Osage Nation Election Code, the Administrative Procedures Act, two chapters of the Uniform Commercial Code, Sales and Secured Transactions, the Anti-Alienation Act, and a key amendment to the Ethics Code removing special treatment for members of Congress. With the new amendment, ethics charges against members of Congress go straight to the Attorney General, just as they do with other elected officials.

Also sponsored pending bills to allow Osage Nation employees to hold the Nation accountable for allowing unfair practices and hostile work environments, and a bill allowing Osages to carry over health benefits for up to two years.

Direct Management Experience: Prior to joining Congress, enjoyed a successful career in construction (1977-1985, with a 3.5 year stint in the oil patch) and construction management (1985-2001, and 2003-2006), marked by increased responsibilities throughout. Managed up to 28 people in a factory environment, up to 17 work teams in a remodeling enterprise, and owned/operated a small but successful specialty remodeling company in Kansas City for six years (1995-2001), averaging $500,000/year in sales.

Community involvement: Pawhuska I-Lon-Schka Committee, 2007-present; Osage County Industrial Authority, 2007-present; past VP, Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce; past President, Osage County Tourism Board; past President, Osage County Historical Society.