Raymond Red Corn For Assistant ChiefRaymond Red Corn For Assistant Chief

Raymond Red Corn was born and raised in the Pawhuska Indian Village; he still owns the house he grew up in. His father and mother, Raymond and Waltena Red Corn, were leaders in the Osage Indian Baptist Church where his father pastored, and where they remained active into their 90s.

In 1979 he married Elizabeth Corcoran, and had four sons; Ryan, owner of Buffalo Nickel Creative in Pawhuska and a member of the 1491s; Jon, an architect who recently returned to Pawhuska and opened Blue Star Studios, and interdisciplinary professional design practice; Alex, a teacher now living in Salina, KS and seeking his doctorate at Kansas State, and Raymond M. Red Corn, and engineer now seeking his doctorate at Purdue in Lafayette, IN. All four earned their bachelors at the University of Kansas. All participate in the annual June dances.

After Elizabeth’s passing in 2001, Raymond remarried in 2004 to Louise Taylor, now publisher of the Bigheart Times, a newspaper located in nearby Barnsdall. They will celebrate their 10th anniversary this June.

Raymond built a career in the construction trades starting in 1977, first taking on construction management responsibilities starting in 1985. After 10 years of managing for others, he owned and operated a successful remodeling company in Kansas City from 1995 to 2001, relocating to Pawhuska in 2003. From 2003 to 2006, he purchased and renovated several downtown commercial buildings and residences in Pawhuska. He was elected to the 1st Osage Congress in 2006.

 Raymond has been a shareholder since 2006.

 Raymond has been active in local cultural, civic, and business organizations:

Pawhuska I-lon-schka Committee, 2007-present
Osage County Tourism Oversight Committee 2006-2010
Osage County Industrial Authority, 2007-present